Module 0 – Working With Imaginative Perception


I would like to offer you this bonus session “Working With Imaginative Perception” as Brody Hartman, senior instructor at PGI, did for me when I took the Purpose Discovery Program. There are two ways we can approach this module. We can set up a true bonus session just focused on this, or we can devote some time to it during our sessions.

The Pinterest image board is here: Mythopoetic Nature Image Board

For an audio experience while looking at the board you might listen to either (or both at once!) of these nature recordings made near where I live by Gordon Hempton. You could even ask either of the questions below while just listening to the audio.

Brody says:

At the heart of your purpose is the image of your unique mythopoetic identity. This image is trans-rational, metaphorical, concentrated and poetically packed with meaning. It’s best received through softened eyes and heart-eared listening.

Learning how to work with our images, symbols, archetypes and metaphors is an essential skill for navigating the purpose discovery journey.

Our images can be gifted to us during soul encounter practices, in meditation, on our Soul Quest, through our dreams, during active imagination exercises, or via synchronicity.

Listening with your whole body and through your heart, I would like you to pick two images on the Pinterest board that speak to the following questions:

    • Image 1: What is the story you are holding about discovering your purpose
    • Image 2: What is your soul longing for right now?

As you scan the board, pay careful attention to which image “speaks” to you. Listen for the whispers, the impulses, the “knowing.” Where in your body are you receiving the image? Who or what is doing the receiving? What is being transmitted/received?

In our bonus session we’ll practice receiving, discerning, inhabiting, honoring, exploring and dialoguing with soul-centric imagery.