Soul Purpose Integration Program

This is a short and powerful program to give you support to harvest/integrate what you have learned during the Threshold Ceremony and the Purpose Discovery Program.

The Integration Program is also highly recommended as a lead-in to the Embodiment Program.

The term Integration primarily denotes the process of metabolizing what you received during the Purpose Discovery Program (especially the SoulQuest ceremony). The term Embodiment denotes creating and living a life around what you have discovered.

Root/Clarify/Integrate your understanding of your purpose deep in the soils of your Psyche.

Participants of the Integration Program will be able to:

  • Deepen your understanding of the Threshold experience.
  • Reduce the resistance of your myriad ego “parts”.
  • Deepen your connection to soul through integration practice: setting the stage for more successful embodiment.
  • Experience community support to maintain and increase your commitment to soul/purpose.
  • Begin to create a “purpose-organized” life to support version 2.0 of yourself.

Meetings will include the following:

  • Check-in’s about how integration is unfolding for you.
  • Experiential exercises to deepen integration.
  • Support, encouragement and accountability to live what you. discovered.
  • Teachings on the subject of integration.


Virtual Fire Circle
The Facebook group is at Soul Purpose Integration Cohort 1