Preferential Shapes Test

1.0 Understanding The Test

Here is the meaning of the shapes:

    • circle = whole, unity, individuation
    • cross = relationship, quality, integration, balance
    • spiral = growth, change, variety, new option
    • triangle = goals, dreams, vision, self-discovery, revelation, identifying goal
    • square = stability, solidity, security, foundation, manifestation

Here is the meaning of the positions:

    1. where you think you are
    2. your strengths
    3. where you are
    4. motivation
    5. old unfinished business

Take a moment with this. There is no right or wrong. You are of course free to disregard Arrien’s research. I find the test to be very open ended.

2.0 Integrating The Test

I have two creative projects to suggest. The first is from my teacher Heather Gatto who has now taught me this test twice over the last two years. Take your most preferred shape and engage in a creative project with it – drawing, writing, music, movement, or even baking.

Angeles Arrien suggest making  a mandala in any medium out of the shapes in positions 1, 3, and 5. Do this practice daily for a while. She writes: “As Jung pointed out, symbols are linked with the deep structures of the human psyche. Integrating symbols externally sets up an inner experience that contributes to personal harmony and balance.”