Here is what some of my clients are saying about working on purpose discovery.

I think the main aspect of working together was/is to find someone (you) nearby with full confidence in the process of soul purpose discovery, but also full confidence in me during the process. I was never directed in one direction or another, so I was able to find my own way. This helped me to find back the trust in myself and trust that somehow there would be a light at the end of the tunnel, my light.

— Cees K.

Before this process with Ken I think I looked outside of myself for possible answers to possible solutions to my life and for permission to do what I really feel fulfilled my Soul and now I feel I trust more of what is already inside me for possible answers to solutions for my life and for doing what really fills my Soul. Believing also that I am here in this life for a purpose and that there is a spiritual dimension actively working to assist me in my life journey is itself a solution to a lot of problems for my life.

— Patrick G.

I appreciate and admire Ken very much as a coach, but most of all as the amazing human being he is. Always giving me his undivided attention, allowing to be what is, never judging me, or trying to force anything. I always felt his loving presence and sometimes that is all you need🙏. Also I liked that he is also open for different approaches, so he can give you exactly what works best for you. He sees the individual you are.

— Rosella M.

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