On Poetry and Everyday Magic


I had two conversations with my friend Nidhi in November and December last year. We spoke about poetry, writing, everyday magic and abundance. For the first conversation my friend Amelia Kwan joined us. Nidhi and I have worked together for 12 years. During that time Nidhi has done some amazing things. She now has two books published, one of poetry My Wedding With Truth and a second that is a mix of memoir and fiction A Journey to Yonder. A third book is in progress!

Here is the text of the wonderful poem Nidhi reads towards the end of our conversation:

For all my life,
I have looked
for blessings,
not knowing that I am a blessing.

For all these years,
I have wandered
in search of truth,
not knowing that I am the truth.

For all the time,
I have waited
for miracles to show up,
not knowing that I am a miracle.

For every breath,
I have longed
for love, happiness, and peace,
not knowing that I am all of these.

For all the prayers
I have prayed
asking the divine to show up,
not knowing that I am the divine.

For all the time
I wasted in the dark,
I know now is the right time
to shine my own light.

I loved the first poem Nidhi read in November and so asked for her to read another poem. Here it is:

i wait for words
to be written on paper
like drought stricken earth
waits for a drop of rain

longing is the poison
a lover must drink
the coal craves in darkness
till one day it itself becomes the light

this is what happens
when patience sprouts from your burning
a worthless being
turns into a spectacular diamond

keep the ember alive
put your desire on fire
and wait earnestly

see what comes out of you
with such endurance




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  1. nidhihansbhatia says:

    Thank you so much Ken for sharing this on your blog, I feel so blessed to know you, and so happy to have you as a friend who is always inspiring and encouraging in so many different ways.


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