On Relationships

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In the later part of January I sat down with my neighbor Anat Ben-Shaul to discuss relationships and matchmaking. We have been neighbors for 4 years and say hello to each other in passing. Anat has had longer chats with my wife and daughter. My daughter told me about Anat’s blog. I really enjoyed the blog and this led me to ask her if she would sit down with me and chat.

Anat started with a blog A for LifeStyle writing on a variety of topics. Her posts on matchmaking were a hit. She ended up reaching out and interviewing matchmaking experts from many countries. This led to a second website Making A Match. The idea behind the site is wonderful. Usually on a dating site you write your own profile. This can lead to some surprises for both people going on the date. To alleviate the cognitive dissonance you have a trusted person write your profile. There are no photos. This trusted advocate meets first with those who are interested in your profile. Your advocate will establish an initial trust relationship with this potential partner.

Anat also hosts a free talk from various relationship experts at the Redmond Regional Library on the first Thursday of every month at 7 pm. Details about the event can be found on the Making a Match Facebook page.

Finally since I had heard the amazing story of meeting the family of a favorite author I asked Anat to talk about the novel Reflections: A Love Story by the South African author Eleanor Baker. It all started with a blog post.


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