Soul Purpose Discovery Program

The soul purpose discovery program is an amazing 6 month journey. This program is not life coaching and it is not therapy even though you may experience aspects of both. This program is like the plane or boat that takes you somewhere. You have decided to go there and explore. I will support you as a guide, a sherpa. I have done a lot of inner work to just be there and support you. When you go on a journey you do not usually write home about the vehicle you travelled in. This program is a vehicle. You will set the destination and then explore the unknown. Each of the 12 modules is designed to allow you to reflect and practice. The modules build on each other preparing you to journey into the liminal realm of the imagination and soul. And then you take the journey. You will have set up a container to support this journey. The discovery phase culminates in a vision quest on the land. We then explore and unpack what you discovered. Each person’s journey is unique. You can read some testimonials here.

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